Budget Calculator

Budget Calculator

Trying to stay within the allocated budget for a wedding is a primary reason for sleepless nights and lots of anxiety. An over shot budget can play quite the spoilsport during the celebrations and turn into a horrific experience, once the bills start pouring in. Seasoned wedding planners opine that it is primarily the "hidden cost" which is responsible for a wedding budget to spin out of control. Wedkings.in has put together a list of all the major areas where you should watch out for hidden costs.

Venue Services and Amenities

Once the venue has been decided upon, you need to check for all hidden costs that come under the tag of extra services and amenities provided. Get a complete list of the total rental fee and what all does this price include. The package cost should mostly include complimentary rooms, managing staff, waiters and bartenders, decor and dining areas. Check for overtime charges. Make sure the cost of the bridal suite as well as extra needed accommodations are all accounted for. Venues have a restricted quantity of electricity and water usage, as well as valet parking charges which in most cases aren't mentioned, and are usually considered as 'hidden costs'.


It is important to determine who will handle the decor. It is always cost efficient to let the venue managers, coordinate the decor, as most wedding venues have a dedicated staff or vendors for this purpose. The hidden costs generally involved are any remodeling done before the day, provision of decorative supplies, the use of exotic and out-of-season flowers, excess lighting and even grand (not really needed) seat covers. If you are planning to bring in your own decorators make sure you check out the restrictions on the size and quantity of your decorations.

Musical Entertainment

Music plays an important role throughout the wedding and reception celebrations. Live music definitely costs more than playing pre-recorded music, plus the cost of DJ's also has to be taken into account. Ideally, the cost of the wedding band should include the musician/bands' time, equipment, dancers, etc. Go through all details such as why the need for a particular equipment, or whether the numbers of speakers put up are really needed. A time limit, i.e. the time they start to set up to winding down, should be duly noted, else you may easily get charged for extra time


Invitations expense is not just about getting the cards printed, you need to calculate how much it would cost to get them across too. Going in for large, ornate bulky cards is quite a waste, plus they cost extra in postage. If you have bulk invitations to send, send e-cards to as many people as you can. They are inexpensive, if not free, and trendy too. Don't forget to take in the rising cost of petrol as you move from house to house to invite people. Even if it gets tiring, try covering up the same area within the same day, so you don't have to go back again and again.

Wedding Ensemble

Budget wedding and designer wedding attire won't go together as a cost efficient tool, unless you are smart about it. Make sure you get your outfit during a sale season to avail a good deal. While buying your attire, keep in mind that you should be paying and getting the whole outfit together, and not in parts. A grand saree or lehenga may not come with a stitched blouse, likewise a sherwani may not come with a stole, for which you may have shell out more. Alterations should be a part of the buying deal and not as an extra cost.

Wedding Photography & Videography

This one particular aspect is full of hidden costs. It makes more sense to book your videographer and photographer for the particular event. Also work out extra time payment on an hourly basis. This way you just have to pay for the extra work done. While hiring the services of a photo/video vendor, work out the cost of getting your wedding DVD and photo album also. Be very specific as to what you want in the video and its duration. When it comes to the wedding album, choose the size of the photographs and your album too beforehand.

Food & Drink

When it comes to catering, check on the following issues to avoid paying extra; does the venue allow for outside catering or does it have more cost efficient catering of its own? Are there any extra charges for setting provision of alcohol and bar service, as well the license to serve (Bringing in your own alcohol is more cost-effective)? Also check if bartenders and waiters are part of single package or need to be hired separately?